Student Engagement, Done Right.

UniFlow is a campus engagement platform for institutions that helps empower students to find their best-fit communities on campus


Designed to Alleviate Student Frustrations

We have taken a new approach to student engagement, leaving gimmicks and clunky interfaces behind.

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NEW: Our Covid-19 Response. Virtual Club Fair Platform

A stand alone online platform to help students find their fit and on-campus communities virtually.

Swiping System

Swipe through and "favorite" randomly appearing club profiles, mimicking experience of walking through a club fair

Favorites Portal

Clubs that student liked are saved here to revisit; student can opt to share school email with club to receive updates

Zoom Integrations

Join Live video calls hosted by clubs to meet the members and view a detailed schedule of upcoming virtual events

Built Alongside University Administrators

Collect Actionable Data, Customize Workflows, and Reduce Load on Employees

Universities & UniFlow


Analytics Dashboard

Use actionable data to increase targeted marketing efforts to boost matriculation rates, and refocus internal investments based on student interests to increase retention


Automation of time intensive processes including club re-registration to refocus University Administrator efforts to students and their interests.

Workflow Customization

Customize processes including re-registration, club constitution reviews, and more to best suit the needs of your institution and allow flexibility for easy changes in the future.