Help your students reach their full potential

Make thousands of opportunities and resources more accessible,  measure involvement,  and identify at-risk students

Supporting Schools
During Covid-19

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Your students are missing out!

Most students are completely unaware of great-fit opportunities available to them


of students are unaware of 10 or more great-fit resources or clubs available at their school


of students don't know that there are thousands of national scholarships and  programs available to them


of parents believe that schools should adopt better ways to communicate information to students post pandemic


of students were unaware of at least 1 club as underclassmen that they believe would have drastically impacted their  experience


is the average satisfaction score for current club management softwares used at 1000+ colleges in the U.S


of club leaders leave important information out of their club page profiles because registration is tedious

Student Success, Reimagined

The UniFlow platform was created alongside students and college educators to help improve communication and the accessibility of opportunities and resources.
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One platform for schools and administrators to support everything student’s need to succeed out-of-classroom

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Empower students to take advantage of opportunities and resources

Your school works hard to ensure that students have great offerings available to them like Social & Emotional Learning resources, mental health counselors, clubs, and more. We help ensure that students are actually aware of all of this information by centralizing it into an easy to use platform, while also introducing students to thousands of national scholarships and programs.
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Provide personalized recommendations to get students more involved, earlier

Most freshmen never receive personalized guidance on which clubs and activities to join. Almost all are completely unaware of the thousands of national opportunities that are available to them. Our platform provides personalized recommendations based on students' interests, resulting in more students pursuing opportunities that they normally would have missed out on.
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Communicate information more effectively to students and parents

Did you know that 40% of all emails you send to students go completely unopened? Students absolutely hate receiving emails and inboxes are regularly piling up. UniFlow allows you to centralize announcements and messages that students receives as push notifications on their phone or tablet.
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Hear from students & administrators

Trusted with improving engagement for over 200,000 students across the U.S.

"UniFlow has allowed us to centralize information on student clubs and events while also providing club suggestions to newer members. The platform shares these opportunities which would otherwise be scattered across social media posts..."

Mayra Abrahms

Assistant Director at USC Marshall

"The switch to UniFlow has proven instrumental in promoting community participation and opportunities on campus -- our students love the platform."

Dien Du

President of Student Council at PSU Smeal

Accessibility & Privacy

Trusted by over 200,000 students, UniFlow maintains high data,  accessibility,  and privacy standards.

Available on any device

No matter where students are, they’re a click away from discovering extracurricular opportunities on their phone, tablet, or computer.

Transparent Privacy Settings

Students are put in complete control over all of their privacy and data settings. We have a strict privacy policy and are proud signatories of the Student Privacy Pledge.

Data Integrations

UniFlow allows imports and exports to and from existing SIS software as well as integrations with common calendar apps like Google Calendar, Apple Calendar, and Microsoft Outlook.