Challenges Colleges are Faced With

We asked college students and administrators, "What are the largest gaps in your current engagement tools?"

Lengthy Re-Registration

Students and administrators spend hundreds of hours too long completing and approving registration every year.

Scattered Information

Information about opportunities from student orgs to on-campus jobs are spread across university and private sites.

Outdated Legacy Systems

The software that has facilitated student engagement for the past two decades doesn't keep up with modern technology.

A Modern Engagement Platform Needs Features that Solve All of These Problems

Easy-to-use Registration System

Our registration system combines the information administrators need to know with an intuitive page builder.

Thousands of National Opportunities

Our team hand-curates thousands of opportunities to broadcast across all of our platforms for your students.

Clean Interface that Students Love

We combine modern user interface principals and student input for a site that is catered to students by students.

Hybrid Involvement Fairs

Give your students the option of coming to your involvement fair in-person or virtually from their devices.

Intelligent Internal Listserv

Need to target all club owners? Everybody who came to your most recent event? Make your own groups with our intelligent internal listserv.

Actionable Analytics

We provide information on what clubs are being seen, what events are being attended, and information about the state of your school's engagement to help you hit your metrics.

Mobile Application

We increase accessibility and put engagement opportunities right on the device students use most often.

Personalized Recommendations

We use a questionnaire and site activity to recommend what opportunities would be a best-fit.