Bringing a platform to your school has never been easier

We value your time,  because students are the ones that need it most.


Understanding if we are a good fit

Our team will work closely with you to understand the challenges your school faces when it comes to student's co-curricular experience. We will only move forward in the process if we are confident that our platform can drastically improve student success at your school.


Hearing from your leaders

It is important to hear from the staff at your school that are pivotal to co-curricular student success. We will learn how they currently operate and create a customized plan that allows our platform to fit in seamlessly with your current ways of operating.


Pricing with no surprises

Affordable pricing, with no add ons. Students always come first - we pride ourselves on supporting schools during budget cuts and have offered numerous schools significant discounts in order to allow their students to continue benefiting from the platform.


Ensuring a smooth transition

Our team of experts will work with your IT department, providing an easy and convenient integration with your schools current technology requirements and standards. Because our software is built on the cloud, our process is faster than most.


Customizing a plan for success

We will create a customized success plan each year that will serve as a checklist for your staff to maximize students' benefits from the platform. From when to advertise the platform, to getting club leaders to put up their pages, our team has everything covered.

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