Challenges High Schools are Faced With

We asked high school students and administrators, "What are the largest gaps in your current engagement tools?"

Ineffective Communication

Communication to students comes from so many different places, it's hard to keep track of.

Busy Counselors

Counselors are incredibly busy and need tools to help them help their students more efficiently.

Outdated Websites

School and district websites are dated and it's difficult to find the resources to keep these websites up to date.

A Modern Engagement Platform Needs Features that Solve All of These Problems

Centralized School Opportunities

We provide easy page navigation for clubs, departments, resources, or anything else you need your students to see.

Thousands of National Opportunities

Our team hand-curates thousands of opportunities to broadcast across all of our platforms for your students.

Personalized Recommendations

We use a questionnaire and site activity to recommend what opportunities would be a best-fit.

School-Wide Announcements

Instead of twitter, hallways bulletins, or the PA system, target announcements directly to your students' devices.

Revamp Your Current Website

Freshen up your current website by integrating UniFlow pages directly into the website students already use.

Mobile Application

We increase accessibility and put engagement opportunities right on the device students use most often.

Centralized School Calendar

Ensure nobody misses out by keeping all of your school and club events in one easily visible place.

Rostering and Analytics Tools

Keep track of club rosters in one place and see which students and parents are staying engaged to ensure nobody gets left behind.