Helping Students,  One School at a Time

Our goal is to make opportunities and resources more accessible for all students

Rahul Khatti
Co-Founder & CEO

Andrew Dixon
Co-Founder and CTO

How it All Started

Over 89% of seniors in college look back at their underclassmen years and wish that they pursued at least one opportunity that they did not know of at the time. Almost all of these students believed that pursuing these opportunities would have drastically improved their personal and professional success. 

After realizing the widespread reach of the problem, we set out on a mission to build UniFlow, a platform that would centralize school opportunities into an easy to use and modern platform.

Universities adopt UniFlow

Universities were slowly realizing that students were missing out on opportunities. Information was scattered on outdated webpages and existing systems were becoming obsolete. As the pandemic hit, the need for a platform to centralize opportunities became even more prominent and top colleges across the country began to adopt UniFlow. The platform not only helped students find best-fit opportunities but also helped universities host virtual club fairs. The Platform is currently used by many colleges including the University of Southern California, the University of Michigan, and the University of Florida. UniFlow has supported over 200,000 students at colleges across the U.S in 2020 and continues to expand.

A Platform for High Schools

An advisor from the University of Michigan suggested that Rahul and Andrew should look into using the UniFlow platform to bring about change in high schools, where students could benefit even more. 

Looking back at their high school experience, both Rahul and Andrew realized that they pursued opportunities only when their parents and/or peers told them to. They figured that if involved parents were such a big pushing factor in their own success, there had to be students out there that weren’t as privileged and were missing out. So once again, they set out to survey high school students and administrators across the country. 

What they found was shocking - Over 91% of students didn't know about 10+ resources or clubs offered at their high school and only 3% knew that they could take advantage of national scholarships/opportunities. 9 in 10 guidance counselors were too busy to give personalized guidance to freshmen on what to pursue out of the classroom. With this newfound knowledge, it was clear that change was needed in high schools - with the feedback from principals, they set out to build a high school version of the platform that would centralize school related clubs, information, and resources, while also displaying national scholarships and programs for students to take advantage of. The new system also allowed high school freshmen to get matched with clubs and opportunities based on their interests.

Students Joining the Mission

Ben Finkelstein

Engineering Lead

Sydney Bruce

Product & Design Lead

Michael Zuckerman

Operations Lead

Maya Khanna

Software Engineer

Yashvi Jaju

Software Engineer

Jack Rallo

Software Engineer

Justin Kula

Software Engineer

Experienced Advisors

Arjan Guglani

Co-Founder & Product

Rana Shahani

Strategy & Growth